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Discover my MARJI line of skincare and cosmetics, created to exceed industry standards with the high performance products my clients expect. Years as a top beauty stylist at Nordstrom gave me valuable insights I can now pass along to you.  
As a beauty stylist, I had a unique position of not reporting to any particular beauty line. I was free to recommend the best products for my clients' individual needs. As women,  we are marketed to at every turn. My foundation in developing MARJI came from my loyalties to my clients. I listened and explored the very best solutions to address each skincare concern.
As a mature woman,  my face became a chemistry project seeing what affected my natural aging issues. I've  always believed skincare is the bra under the dress.  My products had to be an affordable luxury!
For my spa-grade skincare line, I've selected patented technologies that make a real difference in the skin.  Each with no fragrance or PABAS"s, but richly supplying stem cells, peptides, and time released retinol in botanical bases for fresh, radiant skin. It has all the ingredients your skin needs to thrive and create its own glow, from the inside out. You'll see a difference the very first week.
I've enjoyed selecting this complete line with you in mind: anti-aging, acne, sensitive, rosacea, skin brightening, under-eye shadows, lids-no lids, lashes-no lashes, great lips-no lips, MARJI is for all! 
Don't live in Texas? Call MARJI for a phone consultation! 860-878-8172 or  sign-up for updates on new products and special offers.
I've selected makeup products in colors and textures to achieve a fresh, natural look at any age.

I've personally walked 2 miles in 100 degree temperature to choose an eyeliner that won't melt in Texas temperatures! Discovering one brow pencil that takes on the pigment in the skin and brow,  looking natural on everyone is an example of some industry breakthroughs I can share with you.  Perfectly colored eye shadows in warm and cool palettes contour the eye naturally,  drawing attention to your beautiful eyes, not your makeup.